Music gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination - Plato

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What can I say about Ray Pool?

He’s an icon in the world of harp playing! Ray brings his love of and strong belief in the importance of the basics of technique and tone to this Autumn’s Seasons of the Harp.
Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it’s also a time to prepare for the coming of Winter. Ray shares his wonderful sense of style and humor as well as insights, ideas and techniques that will help players of all levels of experience be prepared to play well, with good tone. So we can be ready for when that flurry of inspiration hits! Ray Pool.

Rachel Finn is an enigma.

A visual artist who recieved her MFA from the Yale School of Art, working as an artist in NYC for over 10 years, she is also a fly fishing goddess . One of the foremost guides in the country and Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador, she just won the coveted Izaak Walton Award, awarded by the American Museum of Fly Fishing.
So what do visual arts and fly fishing have to do with harp playing? Join us and find yourself engaged as Rachel shares thoughts on inspiration, creating art influenced by Nature and “reading water.” Dennis and I will transmorgify (thanks to Calvin and Hobbes, my friends) this into music, sharing how to listen, “read what you are hearing” and how to respond musically, whether playing alone or with others. We’ll be reeling in the big ones! Rachel Finn.

Sharon Johnston

Based in Goderich, Ontario, Sharon is one of those exceptional harp teachers whose students blossom and grow under her guidance - and will follow her to the ends of the earth - and do! Well, at least a really long way across Canada... She is the founder and director of the Huron Harp School and, thanks to Sharon, Huron County, Ontario, boasts more harps per capita than anywhere else in Canada!
Sharon shares her warmth, generosity and insights into what makes a good teacher, a good student and a productive and inspiring lesson - and what you, whether teacher or student - can do to facilitate this.
We recorded Sharon’s lovely “Stone Dance,” played by the harpers and harpists who attended my Sept. workshop in Goderich, and will join them in playing this tune together virtually. Sheet music will be emailed to you upon registration. Sharon Johnston.

Sharon Thormahlen

Thormahlen Harps and Sharon’s wonderful music publications come immediately to mind - beautiful harps, beautiful music - and beautiful book covers! A prolific composer and talented player, Sharon joins us this Fall, sharing her joy of composing and playing music. She shares delightful thoughts on finding and working with musical inspirations, from the spark on through to the completion of a song. We will have the opportunity to join her virtually in playing a brand, spanking new piece - soon to be released in her next book of wonderful harp music! Sheet music will be emailed to you upon registration. Sharon Thormahlen.

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