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The music of Christmas is incredibly diverse and wonderful. Hearts and souls have been poured into the writing of this music and much of it has become tradition for many people. Here I have gathered traditional and original songs, presenting them in both familiar and unusual arrangements, all of which I hope will fascinate and delight you.
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‘Tween Heaven and Earth

A delightful and diverse collection of mainly original pieces, arranged for Celtic harp and vocals, as well as flutes, hammered dulcimer, viola, fiddle, and hand percussion. From the beautiful Irish classic "Sidh Beag Ag Sidh Mor" to the tender,heartrending "Part of My Heart (for Meaghan)" to the thundering passion of "A Good Day To Die", Martha and her harp captivate the listener. Martha’s debut CD, it has been embraced by fans and the professional music world alike, recieving tremendous airplay and international attention.

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A solo CD of intriguing depth and wonderful music, Adirondacks starts by looking at it’s namesake, the Adirondack Mountain region of northeastern New York, and then spirals outward to include the whole Earth. From the Asian flavor of "Spring Awakens" to the light joy of "Mrs. Marshall’s Garden", from the insightful look into "Somebody’s Home" to the wonderful romp through "Adirondack Mud Season Waltz", this musical journey through the Adirondacks and the world beyond is a heart-opening delight . Released at Thanksgiving 2002, this is sure to be a favorite CD of Adirondack-lovers, Earth-lovers, and music-lovers alike for years to come!

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For the Holidays!!
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Ebb & Flow is Martha's newest release of all original music. The songs represent genres ranging from contemporary folk to blues to slightly electronica; even a latin groove with a Santana inspired sound on the harp.

Joining Martha are Chas Eller on keyboards, Sue Grimm on flute, Brian Melick on percussion, Frank Orsisni on viola,and Tom Wadsworth on guitar.

Rose In Winter - Martha (harp & vocals), Brian Melick (percussion), Tom Wadsworth (guitar) Genre: Contemporary Folk

It is a lovely miracle to bloom very late and out of season!

Good Housekeeping - Martha (harp & vocals), Brian Melick (percussion) Genre: Contemporary Folk/Swing

One should never let one’s housekeeping abilities interfere with what’s truly important in life - friendship.

I Don't Want to Know Why - Martha (harp & vocals) Genre: Blues

Heartbreak can happen at any age, in all it’s anguish, anger, and sadness.

G-Ditty - Martha (harp), Brian Melick (percussion) Genre: Folk

Truly, just a little ditty - fun to play, fun to listen to, fun to “la, la, la” through the day.

Walking Through (This Town) - Martha (harp & vocals), Brian Melick (percussion) Genre: Contemporary Folk

I love to stroll through the little town that is my home.

Scandi Set - Martha (harp & vocals), Brian Melick (percussion), Frank Orsini (viola) Genre: Folk

Two tunes from the original music of my holiday performance, The Christmas Rose. They’re just too fabulous to hear only in Dec.!

All On A Winter's Night - Martha (harps & vocals), Brian Melick (percussion) Genre: Folk-Electronica

Crisp, cold, clear - the mystery and magic of a northern Winter’s night.

Waiting for My Ship - Martha (harp & vocals), Brian Melick (percussion) Genre: Contemporary Folk

Ah, the sound of the ocean, the feel of warm breezes, the waiting, the wondering, the daydreaming... Awake and take the helm!

Sailing - Martha (harp) Genre: Folk

I took a few minutes in the studio one day, just winging this piece for a friend who was going to have major surgery - I hoped it might be calming. For her I call it Sailing Through Surgery. It seems good for whatever you might need to sail through.

First Class - Martha (harps & vocals), Brian Melick (percussion) Genre: Folk-Rock

Combining the New England Yankee wisdom taught to me by my Mother and Grandmother with insights from Deepak Chopra’s book Creating Affluence. Thanks to Santana for the arrangement inspiration!

Fall From Grace - Martha (harp & vocals) Genre: Blues

Very personal, this one; I can’t say. But, haven’t all of us been on one side or the other of this occurence sometime in our life?

The Wonders of this World - Martha (harp & vocals) Genre: Contemporary Folk

Sometimes I just have to be reminded gently to open my eyes, ears and heart to what’s right in front of me.

Ebb & Flow - Martha (harp & vocals), Sue Grimm (flute), Brian Melick (percussion), Chas Eller (keyboard). Genre: Contemporary Folk

It’s good for me to take stock of my blessings now and again. And to recognize that all things change, always. And to celebrate the beauty of that, always.

Songs From The Stones available thru this website only!

Original music inspired by headstone inscriptions, plus some lovely trad. pieces, celebrating the love of life, family, friends, and home. Click on the CD cover above to hear samples of the songs.

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The Water is Wide available thru this website only!

A collection of unreleased tracks with previously released songs. This CD was originally used as a fund raiser for flood relief efforts resulting from the devastation caused by "Super Storm" Irene in the towns of Keene, Jay, & Upper Jay, New York. The music on the CD was chosen for it's calming effects. Musical styles range from trad. Celtic to nuevo flamenco to original works. "The Raindrop Song" a peice written by Martha's husband, Dennis, is also included on this recording. Click on the CD cover above to hear samples of the songs.

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