Music gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination - Plato

Creative Virtual Retreats for
Harp and Heart

FALL 2018 Registration

Retreat Begins Wed., Oct. 24 at 7:00 pm EDT
BUT... It's still not too late to signup for FALL 2018

Hi Harp Friends!

My online retreat began last season as an offering for harp players.

“There were so many "light bulb" moments, and I love the overall tone, which comes directly from you and your openness and enthusiasm.”
Summer Season Attendee

But, some very clever non-harp players discovered the retreat and attended the first season - and loved it!

“Oh my goodness, Martha, I had a smile on my face and just loved every minute of tonight's retreat! You've inspired me! I think there is so much here for creative folk who may not be harpists!”
Summer Season Non-Harp Playing Attendee

This 4-week retreat program ranges from hands-on-harp actions to giving rise to your inner joy, artistry and creativity through exploring and enjoying harp challenges, music, inspiring special guests, culinary delights, wellness wisdom and much more - all inspired by and infused with the rhythms of the Seasons.

“(Martha) designed these [retreats] as something different from a conventional retreat and also from a harp workshop or class. It's lovely to experience but hard to describe; it was a delightful session and I'm looking forward to next week's!” Summer Season Attendee

Explore and experience new perspectives on music, creativity and playing the harp that will take you beyond the technical and into the transformational!

And all while having a whole lot of fun!

If you hear your heart saying “YES!” then this virtual creative retreat may be just what you’ve been yearning for!

More important than technical playing level, this retreat series is about the level of inspiration, creativity, vibrancy and enjoyment that a player seeks, from Fledgling to Advanced.

Seasons of the Harp is calling you to a beautiful retreat on your harp journey...!


“Once again we were treated to thought-provoking ideas to nudge us out of our protective shell.”
“I didn’t know what to expect with Seasons of the Harp... I am really enjoying it!”
“There were so many "light bulb" moments, and I love the overall tone, which comes directly from you and your openness and enthusiasm.”


“I just watched last night's Seasons of the Harp segment and just loved it! The pacing of segments, the joy and delight of your presence, the fabulous presentation by your guests. Every bit a delight!”
“Wow! I’m truly impressed with everything you share here, Martha - I’m loving it!”


“I love your video presentations which set the mood for each week.”
“I loved the beautiful video you created both musically and visually.”


“[Tonight’s guest] was terrific and your conversation was fascinating. Also loved the combination of deep curiosity and lightness you both brought to [the interview].”
“I like how deeply you LISTENED to [your guests], and your responses were in the moment and not scripted, and very perceptive and interesting.”
“I love that you bring the ideas presented by the special guests, especially those of the non-harp playing guests, back to the harp, making that crucial creative connection for those of us attending. Thank you!”


“Thank you for sharing that lovely slow air - it’s gorgeous and I love playing slow airs! I’ll be enjoying it all Summer - and the rest of the year too!”
“Loved “playing together” - even though we couldn’t hear each other. It’s a great idea and I look forward to doing more of this!”
“A trad. slow air, a bouncy jig, a Sonoran selection and a beautiful original; what a great selection of music played and shared - thank you!”


“That blueberry shrub sounds wonderful. I will try that one very soon! Also looking forward to the tacos next week!”
“Your Roses (recipes) section was lovely! Martha Stewart has nothing on Martha Gallagher!”
“The recipes are great and I will try them!”


“I loved your showing us your "good morning" moves.”
“Thank you for sharing your morning salutation. I’m creating my own now - what fun!”

FELINE CRITIQUE (yes, cats were watching...):

“Seasons of the Harp was the meow-velous!”

So... whether you play the harp or not, I am inviting you to attend this online retreat!