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Boldly Going Nowhere

Bicycle Riding ©2018 Dennis Gallagher all rights reserved

Here in the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Mts we have A LOT of bicycle riders in the summer. The busiest time is right before the Iron Man competition with riders training.

However, we also have many people riding just for the fun of it. The stretch of road in front of our house is quite popular because of the wide shoulders and the unusual flatness.

This song invisions the fun, process and feel of riding a bicycle.

The Songs
Bird on the Porch
New Beginnings
Just Thinkin'
Boldly Going Nowhere
Lullaby for Martha
Ode(r) to Fahey/Spanish Fandango trad.
Ice Cream
Bicycle Riding
Moose in the House
Nice Tears (tears for Nice, FR)

Did you know that for less than a bicycle tire, you can purchase this CD? And unlike the tire, there are no special skills required to play this recording!

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