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Boldly Going Nowhere

Bird on the Porch ©2018 Dennis Gallagher all rights reserved

On Sundays, Martha goes to Church and I sit on the porch and play the guitar. This one Sunday, as I was working on this song, I could hear a bird trying to get out from behind the stack of plywood the was near to where I was sitting. (Yes, it is the same stack as in the picture. Only, around the corner of the porch.)

After 30 or so minutes the bird finally made its way out. Exhausted, it walked near to me and stayed for a good long time. Long enough so that I had finished the first 2 sections of the song. I was quite honored that the bird stayed so close for so long.

When I was finished creating this piece, I realized that it represented the scene with the bird on the porch.

I hope that you relate to the image of this song the same way as I do.

I perform this piece frequently with Martha. In performance I play a 9-string guitar with Martha's accompaniment on harp. The interweaving between the harp and guitar are very enjoyable. I hope you can get to hear us someday.

The second version of this song is the arrangement Martha & I perform in concerts. It is not on the CD, so please enjoy it here.

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