Music gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination - Plato


The energies of the seasons are alive in us and when we consciously connect with them, we can discover more deeply our innate creativity; kindling our artist passion and manifesting our own bold blossoming, blooming abundance of expression and growth.

In Bright Fire we look to the Celtic Wheel of the Year and find May beginning with Beltane , meaning “bright fire,” marking the starting point of Summer. The energies of this time are ones of fertility, light, growth & creativity - wonderful!

Bright Fire (** POSTPONED **) is an experiential retreat, using diverse creative explorations to more deeply foster openness and access to our innate creativity.

Bring your harp, a cuppa, your feline or canine friends - but especially bring your sense of fun, an open mind and an open heart!

This retreat offers inspirations, new perspectives, a new piece of music (pdf) and a lot of fun.

Bright Fire is ** POSTPONED **

Blessings of the bright fire of creativity ~