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Boldly Going Nowhere

Ode(r) to Fahey/Spanish Fandango ©2018 Dennis Gallagher all rights reserved

Listening to John Fahey's approach to the guitar when I was just starting to learn the instrument was very important to the development of my own musical voice. If you are familiar with his music, you may hear this influence in the first part of this medley.

Spanish Fandango is so iconic to the Open G tuning that Open G is also referred to as "Spanish Tuning". This arrangement is part traditional, part Fahey's, and, of course, part my own. I play it in 4/4 instead of 3/4.

I first heard the Spanish Fandango on a recording I picked up in college, "Old-Time Mountain Guitar 1926-1930" - County Records 523. On the cover is an old photograph of someone playing a OOO-28. I felt it was a requirement to include this song as all the songs in this collection were recorded using a 1927 OOO-28 Martin Guitar.

I'm kinda' proud that I managed to get this song recorded in one take.

The Songs
Bird on the Porch
New Beginnings
Just Thinkin'
Boldly Going Nowhere
Lullaby for Martha
Ode(r) to Fahey/Spanish Fandango trad.
Ice Cream
Bicycle Riding
Moose in the House
Nice Tears (tears for Nice, FR)

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