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Boldly Going Nowhere

Lullaby for Martha ©2018 Dennis Gallagher all rights reserved

Martha gets sleepy almost every time she listens to this song. Maybe it's the name, but I don't know. My grandson, CJ, also gets quiet when he hears this song.

I was trying to capture that feeling that you get when you are slowly dropping off to sleep but not..quite..there... Sometimes, just when you are at that sweet, sweet point you suddenly have a thought that takes you out of the moment. But soon, you are right back there or have fallen asleep completely.

At least, that was what was intended. In any case, it works for Martha. Be careful, it may work for you.

The Songs
Bird on the Porch
New Beginnings
Just Thinkin'
Boldly Going Nowhere
Lullaby for Martha
Ode(r) to Fahey/Spanish Fandango trad.
Ice Cream
Bicycle Riding
Moose in the House
Nice Tears (tears for Nice, FR)

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